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A look at cloud computing in 2021.

The advantages of cloud computing have become clear to all but there are cloud computing trends that will determine the future of the industry.

According to a study shared by Digital Marketing Resource Centre, millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workspace by 2025. This is one reason why the drive of technology in the workplace has seen such a hard shift, but cloud computing will help improve productivity across organisations as a whole and as organisations begin to benefit from this move, the trends continue.

Terms to become more familiar with as we move forward include hybrid cloud, serverless computing and containers.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

Most enterprises have integrated hybrid cloud into their IT infrastructure. The main reason to do so is its benefits regarding the control and security of private networks as well as the extent and adaptability of the public cloud.

Using a hybrid cloud your company can adjust and optimise according to your needs, you can also feel more secure knowing extensive encryption techniques can be added to ensure ultimate cybersecurity.

Serverless computing

Serverless computing is a cloud computing model in which the cloud provider runs the server and dynamically manages the allocation of machine resources.

In this model, companies rely on serverless computing because it provides space to work on the core product without the stress of operating or managing servers.


Containers are a unit of software, a packaging mechanism in which applications can be abstracted from the environment in which they actually run. Whether the environment is a private data centre or the public cloud applications can be deployed easily and consistently.

Containers are beneficial because they provide a consistent environment, run anywhere and can be isolated from other applications.

With more organisations embracing remote working, cloud computing is now an essential part of the virtual office setup. Whether you require assistance with your back up solutions or need to invest in a robust business continuity plan, our knowledgeable team can identify the right solution for you.

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