Threats evolve, so your first defence needs to be your strongest. Pulse360 Secure firewall security protects your data and detects attacks before they bite.


Pulse360 next-generation firewalls prevent ransomware with a layered approach in addition to their multiengine cloud-based Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service. Protect against the latest ransomware, safe in the knowledge that SIRE is busy working behind the scenes to identify any threats.

Encrypted threats.

Encrypted threats are on the rise and are often hard to detect. Pulse360 Secure provide encrypted threat solutions protect your business against skilled criminals that target and exploit vulnerabilities within your business by isolating and neutralising hidden threats.

Wireless & mobile access.

The rise of homeworkers means more and more people accessing files and data remotely and wirelessly. This increases vulnerability for businesses and opportunity for cybercriminals. Pulse360 Secure offers next-generation firewall services, multifactor authentication and endpoint control. This empowers your wireless and mobile workforce with fast, easy access that’s also secure and reliable.

Email threats.

Avoid email attacks with Pulse360 Secure advanced email security solutions. Securing your business email is a crucial part of your security strategy. Identify ransomware, phishing and spear phishing attacks with our email security with capture service.

Our trusted

Also Pulse360.

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