Web application security testing that prevents costly breaches and protects what matters. Detect threats other tools miss. Integrate vulnerability scanning into your web development.

Faster by automation.

Today, as organisations migrate to cloud-based infrastructures, the high number of critical web applications cannot all be checked manually. For Organisations with thousands of web assets to secure, Pulse360 WebProtect provides rapid automated scanning to identify threats straightaway and tell them apart from false positives.

Vulnerability hungry.

Everything’s on the menu: SQL, XSS, unpatched software, weak passwords and many more. Pulse360 WebProtect scans for the vulnerabilities other tools miss – more vulnerabilities, fewer false positives. Signature and behaviour testing are combined to deliver comprehensive scanning of web applications without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

Built-in security.

Pulse360 WebProtect can be integrated with your software development lifecycle (SDLC) processes and releases. It automates each step of application security to keep up with changing threat levels and a wider attack surface area. This saves precious time and money by identifying priorities that help Security and Development Teams manage workloads, and by using automation to increase security coverage with less manual effort.

Visibility of what you’re missing.

If you can see the big picture of app security – complete visibility of apps, vulnerabilities and remediation, you can prove you’re doing everything you can to reduce risk. Pulse360 WebProtect identifies all your assets, scans using IAST and DAST, and then tracks issues and the status of your remediation actions.

Calculate costs; take action.

Pulse360 WebProtect uses proof-based scanning tools from Invicti to filter out the vulnerabilities from lower-priority threats. The calculator tool helps you identify and understand the scale of the task and quantify the people costs – money, time and effort involved. In addition, it enables you to focus your attention and actions by identifying up to 94% of vulnerabilities that will directly impact your business.

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