Data will shape the post-coronavirus society.

COVID-19 is driving humankind to adapt and innovate in almost every aspect of society. The way we work and live is likely to have changed for the long-term and technology has not only helped us weather this period of change but is going to insight and shape a post-coronavirus world. We’re taking a look at […]

Staying cyber secure during COVID-19.

As a large workforce around the world continues to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring employees have the right IT systems in place is a top priority for businesses – but what about cyber security? It’s true that remote working brings many benefits and can drive efficiencies and productivity, but how confident are […]

The UK is one of the top targets for cyber attacks.

According to a report from Specops Software, the UK is the second most targeted country when it comes to cyberattacks. From May 2006 to June 2020, the UK was on the end of 47 “significant” cyberattacks. A cyberattack classed as “significant” is defined as one targeting a country’s government agencies, defence and high-tech companies. It also […]