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Struggling with penetration testing? Try this instead.

Has the news about the Log4j vulnerability made you nervous about your IT estate? If you only recently carried out your penetration testing, I bet it has.

It really highlights one of the issues with annual penetration testing, especially for small-to-medium sized organisations running lots of applications where security is paramount: penetration testing is expensive to run. As a result, it’s usually undertaken annually – which means that if you conducted your tests the week before Log4j was discovered, you could be waiting 11 months to find out whether your organisation is vulnerable. That’s an enormous risk to your business – and if you run applications for clients, the risk is multiplied.

If you’re in that position – or you’re frustrated having to rely on expensive and infrequent pen tests to keep your IT estate secure – then keep reading, because I’m going to suggest an alternative that could be just what you need to gain peace of mind without breaking the bank.

Pulse360 WebProtect – find vulnerabilities faster and more frequently

It’s designed to be conducted regularly and it’s a faster process than what you might be used to. Because WebProtect scans are automated, they can be conducted much more cost-effectively – perfect for those currently suffering the pains of manual pen testing. 

After each WebProtect scan, a detailed report is produced. The report is thorough, as you’d expect from a manual pen test, detailing any vulnerabilities the scan has detected. The scanning technology is always updating to identify vulnerabilities like Log4j, so our customers will learn whether they need to act swiftly to protect themselves.

Work with a trusted partner

What’s more, Pulse360 WebProtect is part of a suite of services from SIRE – your essential IT partner. So, you not only experience the benefits of our comprehensive scanning service, but also the care and expertise of our team.

Whereas, typically, scanning software may come with additional features that you never need to use, we are able to get to know your IT estate and suggest the most suitable package for your business. That way, you never pay for software you don’t need.

We also actively go beyond reporting and help you action the results of your scan. You may have vulnerabilities that require patching, or more serious work to rectify – which may stretch your IT teams. A partner like us, with access to technical specialists who can help you patch any vulnerabilities that are identified, could be a valuable asset helping you keep business running as usual.

A tried and tested solution

SIRE is proud to support many SMBs with our Pulse360 WebProtect service, which provides advanced threat scanning as part of a comprehensive suite of protection for your company’s IT estate. For companies who want to protect multiple assets, or who are developing software, we provide a package of cover that provides 4 scans of one web application each year, and includes 15 scans that can be conducted at any time, on any application. 

Pulse360 WebProtect is a cost-effective way to get comprehensive protection for your web applications – so if you’d like to know more about it and make sure you’re secure without the pain of a full manual pen test, let’s talk!